If Texas is SO BAD, Why are so many fleeing to it? #TEXIT ?

(Yes, they are pouring in from Libtard strongholds south and north of the border! Why would anyone flee into the arms of the Bogeyman? Sounds like an article written by the Kalifornia Khamber of Kommerce – DD)
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Texas is one of the worst states in the country for workers, study finds

(KERA) Oxfam America, a nonprofit organization working to end poverty, tracked how states and territories protect, support and pay workers.
Texas is among the worst states in the country for workers, according to new research from a national nonprofit.
The Lone Star State ranked 48th on the “Best States to Work Index” from Oxfam America, a nonprofit focused on ending poverty.
“The three big themes of the index are wages, worker protections and the right to organize,” said Dr. Kaitlyn Henderson, a senior researcher with the organization. “Texas does not perform very strongly in any of those spaces.”
The goal of the study was not just to rank the best and worst states for workers, Henderson said. Oxfam also wanted to understand if and how labor policies impact people’s well-being.
“If you have a robust labor policy landscape at the state level, does that equate to or correlate to other good measures of well-being?” she said. “We tracked our state ranking against measures of food insecurity, poverty and infant mortality, and we found that there is a very strong correlation.”…Read the rest