#NationalDivorce #TEXIT gaining steam

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Thomas Knapp: How would a ‘national divorce’ work?

(Argus Observer) Late last year, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., ran a Twitter poll asking her followers to weigh in on a "national divorce between "Republican" and "Democratic" states (since her Twitter account has since been suspended, I’m relying on reportage from the New York Post to describe it). The non-scientific results: 43% favored said "national divorce," 48% opposed it, 9% pronounced themselves undecided.
The "national divorce" talk has only increased since then, and of course there’s nothing new about the concept. As you may recall from high school history classes, hundreds of thousands died in a war over the last attempt at such a thing in the mid-19th century.
I’ve got nothing against secession as such. If people don’t want to remain affiliated with a polity, they should be free to exit the relationship. In fact, the namesake of the media center I write for, William Lloyd Garrison, encouraged NORTHERN secession…Read the rest