New bill would ban certain foreign entities from purchasing land in Texas

(Maybe start with yankee foriegners like Bill Gates, who is buying up farmland at an alarming rate to push his new Frankenstein GMO crops – DD)

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(The Center Square) – A bill has been filed in the Texas legislature that would ban citizens, governments and entities of China, Iran, North Korea and Russia from purchasing land in Texas

Republican state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst filed SB 147 to ban certain foreign governments and entities associated with them from purchasing real property in Texas.

It follows an executive order issued by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last year but includes fewer countries and far less prohibitions.

The bill would prohibit certain foreign individuals or entities from purchasing or otherwise acquiring title to real property in Texas. They include a governmental entity of China, Iran, North Korea or Russia; a company or other entity that is headquartered in these countries or is directly or indirectly held or controlled by the governments of these countries; owned by or the majority of stock or other ownership interest of which is held or controlled by individuals who are citizens of these countries; or a citizen of these countries, among other stipulations, according to the bill language.

“The past several years have seen more Texans alarmed…

New bill would ban certain foreign entities from purchasing land in Texas | Texas |