New Polling Shows Strong Voter Support for #TEXIT

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(Texian Partisan) One of the favorite arguments of the establishment is that Texit supporters are “fringe,” and our movement doesn’t represent a majority. New polling by SurveyUSA shows the opposite: voters support Texit now!
According to a newly released poll by SurveyUSA, a top-rated pollster, 66% of likely Texas voters want Texas to withdraw from the union and “become an independent country.”
The poll was conducted in eight states, including Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, and Hawaii. There were 4375 respondents, with 625 from each state surveyed. The sample was reflective of overall average US demographics, with proportional representation according to race, gender, and political affiliation.
Let’s break down the Texas results. The first substantial question was, “Would you support Texas peacefully becoming an independent country along with other conservative states? Or not?”
Support for exiting the union polled highest in Texas, with regular voters showing 66% support and voters who vote only in presidential elections showing 63%. Even when non-voters were included,…Read the rest