No Kovid Kook Amnesty!

(Absolutely Not! After all the propaganda, lives lost from irresponsible government supremacist action,s outright lies, collusion, and media suppression of the truth. How about a Kovid Kook Nuremberg instead! – DD)
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Forgive and Forget The COVID Kooks? Nope.

(Kerry Dougherty, Bacon’s Rebellion) This is rich. The COVID extremists who closed schools, mandated masks and vaccines, laid down nutty curfews, dictated the number of guests we could have in our own homes for Thanksgiving, ordered the elderly to die alone and shuttered churches, now want amnesty.
Forgive and forget, they say, nervously. Let’s move on.
Two words: heck no.
Those of us who were right about almost everything concerning COVID want a reckoning. We want political leaders who supported these unconstitutional COVID measures booted from office and we want our former friends and neighbors who called us grandma killers when we refused to tie soggy bandanas on our faces to apologize.
Grovel, even.
This new, forgive-and-forget campaign started when vaccines began to fail. It accelerated with the release of national test scores last month.
Once health officials admitted that the vaccinated were spreading and catching the virus, vaccine mandates were unmasked …Read the rest