Unraveling Texas v. White! #TEXIT #NationalDivorce

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It Takes Incredible Legal Contortions to Contrive a Ruling Against Secession Using a Government That Was Seceded From

(TNM) – …Texas v. White is a Supreme Court case that, at face value, says Texas can’t leave the union. This case at first pertained to paper bonds but then became about actual physical bonds within the “perpetual union,” a term never used in the US Constitution.

Opponents to TEXIT hoist Texas v. White on a pedestal, but I can guarantee that 99% have never even read the case, and trust me, context matters.

Texas v. White became not just about bonds but an opportunity to retroactively approve the legality of the actions taken by the federal government. The legal and logical gymnastics to get to this decision is astounding.

If you take Texas v. White at face value, the entire logic is based on the loose connection of the Articles of Confederation to the preamble of the Constitution.

As we go through this fight for…

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