Vetoes Overridden: NC Legislature Protects Gender-Confused Minors, Parental Rights, and Women’s Sports

(When Vetoes are overridden, the left goes judge shopping… – DD)

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(Daily Signal) – The North Carolina Legislature held a veto override bonanza Wednesday, enacting at least five bills over the objections of Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat.

Among them were bills to protect minors from the harmful effects of irreversible gender-reassignment procedures, guarantee parental rights in education, and clarify that women’s sports are for women.

HB 808 makes it “unlawful for a medical professional to perform a surgical gender-transition procedure on a minor or to prescribe, provide, or dispense puberty-blocking drugs or cross-sex hormones to a minor,” with an exception for a “course of treatment” begun before Aug. 1. It enforces this prohibition through a private cause of action and license revocation.

The act also implements conscience protections for medical providers who object to performing gender-reassignment procedures and it prevents the use of state funds for gender-reassignment procedures on a minor.

“Recognizing the serious and the potentially permanent effects of…

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