When Will America Start Thinking for Herself Again?

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(Bill Bullard, Pampa News) Not long ago our all-knowing government agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture or USDA, first proposed to require all farm animals to be individually identified with electronic identification. We know this as radio frequency identification (RFID), which of course is used for surveillance purposes.

The government’s ingenious plan had some holes. Chief among them was they couldn’t figure out how to affix an RFID surveillance eartag on a chicken.

And that’ll be the end of any more humor.

But this was near fatal so the government scaled back – it decided to focus principally on farm animals with big ears and for other farm animals it would simply maintain and build on the identification requirements of existing disease program regulations.

In a nutshell, that explains the government’s intensely focused and persistent efforts to force American cattle farmers and ranchers to affix RFID surveillance eartags on their cattle and bison.

Now even for that plan, there were holes. You see the government wanted to impose its RFID surveillance mandate within every state, but there’s this thing called the Tenth Amendment to our Constitution that limits the federal government from doing that.

So, when the government was reminded it only had jurisdiction in interstate commerce, it scaled back its plans again.

But even then, the plan still…

When Will America Start Thinking for Herself Again? | Pampa News