Will Texas leave the US? #TEXIT

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(Nicholas Gutteridge , The Battalion) Introduced by Republican State Rep. Bryan Slaton, the bill would have citizens “vote on whether or not the state should investigate the possibility of Texas independence, and present potential plans to the legislature,” according to Slaton on Twitter, a process that would be done through a statewide vote on Nov. 7.

If a majority of votes agree with the initiative, H.B. 3596, or the TEXIT Referendum Act, would authorize the creation of a legislative committee to investigate the “most effective and expeditious way” for Texas to become an independent nation, with the TEXIT slogan referencing the BREXIT portmanteau used to signal the United Kingdom’s separation from the European Union in 2019-20.

Once formed, this committee would look into renaming Texas to The Republic of Texas, the feasibility of removing provisions that exist “solely as a consequence of Texas’ status as a state” and any potential agreements that would have to be negotiated with the United States as a result of a potential secession, along with other things.

In a statement, Slaton states that “the Texas Constitution is clear that all political power resides in the people” and that “it is time…

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