Armed Antifa Terrorists in Roanoke, TX

(Of course the REAL Fascists get a hall pass, even though they attempted to incite a riot at a conservative protest -DD)
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YIKES: Heavily Armed Antifa Goons Show Up to “Defend” Drag Show for Kids in Texas

(Trending Politics) Things continue to spin out of control in American culture, with things getting crazier and crazier bit by bit as even people who are normal and politicians that we should be able to trust sit on their hands and watch as the left pushes things ever farther over the line.
Such was recently shown in Texas when not only was there a drag show for kids, but heavily armed and mask-clad Antifa goons showed up… Not to defend the kids and keep them from the clutches of whatever perverts want to do drag with kids, mind you, but to “defend” the even from those who were full of righteous indignation about the “groomer”-type event.
Images of that shocking display of armed force in defense of groomers came from Blaze TV producer Kris Cruz, who shared pictures of the Antifa goons kitted out and “defending” the drag even and said…

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