BLM Hawking Reparations, Finds Support

(Of course they do. They know they won’t be the ones paying for something that no one here today had a thing to do with. But there’s POWER to grab, so they go for it. Attn: The teat is Dry! – DD)
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BLM’S AMERICA: Support for Slavery Reparations Increases Dramatically Among White and Black Americans

(Big League Politics) New polling data shows that support for giving reparations to descendants of slavery is increasing dramatically among white and black Americans, as the far-left propaganda takes hold among a weak, confused and beaten-down population.
The poll shows that support for “cash payments to the descendants of slaves” has increased from 6 percent to 28 percent while black support for the same policy has increased from 55 percent to 86 percent over the nearly 20-year period from 2002 to 2021. The most dramatic shift occurred during the period of 2019-2021 amidst the Black Lives Matter “revolution” against civilization, decency and order.
The results can be seen here:…Read the rest

BLM Display to come down in Wilmington (NC)

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Downtown’s Black Lives Do Matter installation to come down by December
City council will consider creation of public speech policy in coming months

(Port City Daily) A downtown art installation that received flack from the onset of its foundation two years ago will be coming down from Jervay Memorial Park by the end of the year.
Visible when traveling into downtown Wilmington on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, “Black Lives Do Matter: End Racism Now” has greeted passersby from the highway-facing park, situated in the Brooklyn Arts District. Councilman Kevin Spears sponsored its creation and implementation in 2020 and had it extended a year in 2021. After almost an hour of discussion Tuesday night, city council voted 5-2 to allow a 130-foot, 19-sign creation, mostly designed by local Black artists, to stay up only 90 more days before its removal…Read the rest

It’s Always “Opposite Day” for Leftists and Government Supremacists

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It’s Always Opposite Day for Leftists: Liberal Means Intolerant, Anti-Fascist Means Fascist, and Equality Means Hate White People

(NOQ Report) When Antifa became a movement in America, most of the protesting they engaged in involved acts of violence, including riots, arson, assault, vandalism, theft, rape and murder. Their name, Antifa, is short for anti-fascist, yet, everything they stand for IS fascist. Antifa’s foundation is based on hatred, tyranny, intolerance, inequality and contempt for the Republic they live in. Unfortunately, millions of Americans cannot recognize this front, this name they use that represents the exact opposite of what they really stand for and represent. Antifa is just the tip of the iceberg though, when it comes to false representation and lack of morals in America.
In America, Big Tech and Mainstream Media support Antifa hatred and violence 100 percent, pretending that everything they do is ‘peaceful’ and in the name of equality. The same goes for BLM (Black Lives Matter). When these fascist groups attack innocent people, including police officers, it’s always considered justified by the Left. Hate Whitey! De-fund the police, they scream, until they actually need the police to save them.
Those reverse-racism groups are based on intolerance of anyone and any organization that has white people, or straight people, or conservatives, or Republicans, or even patriotic Americans as members…Read the rest

J6 riots -hundreds prosecuted, BLM riots – several prosecuted

(Rioting is wrong, period. But… More from the two-tiered justice system – DD)
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J6 Defendants Continue Being Busted for Unrelated Offenses

(Flag & Cross) As it stands today, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Americans who are facing punishments and penalties stemming from their alleged or proven participation in the protest at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021, with perhaps hundreds more yet to face justice.
And, depending on where you stand politically, your opinion of the treatment and sentences that they’ve received can very wildly. Former President Trump, for instance, has referred to many as “political prisoners”, while some of the left’s most vociferous talking heads are using words like “treason” and “traitors”.
Now, in a strange twist to the tale, it appears as though an inordinate amount of those facing prosecution over January 6th have found themselves again thrust into the legal crosshairs, and often for unrelated issues.
A growing number of Capitol rioters facing federal prosecution have been charged for other unrelated crimes — from domestic violence to gun and drug charges — according to a review of DOJ records published by CBS News.
In one instance, federal authorities said a Navy reservist went into “panic mode” after the Capitol riot and made $50,000 in firearms-related purchases, …Read the rest

Fear in the Memphis War Zone

(There was a time I felt safer in Memphis than in Little Rock. Now it’s a toss-up. I voted with my feet and moved far away from both – DD)
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Inner-city Memphis residents sound off on safety after livestreamed shooting, Eliza Fletcher killing
Memphis locals give mixed answers on whether the city is a safe place to live

(FOX) People in Memphis, Tennessee, sounded off on the city’s crime rate after a teacher was abducted and killed and after a gunman went on a livestreamed shooting spree.
"Right now the kids ain’t going to no community centers or nothing, learning anything," Larry said. "Bunch of gangs got ‘em. They’re picking up guns, smoking weed."
But another Memphis woman, Willette, said: "It’s like everywhere else to me, the crime rates, everything."
It’s still a safe place, you just got to watch your surroundings," she continued. "I don’t care wherever you go, it’s bad. Not just Memphis."
A gunman went on a shooting rampage in Memphis, killing four and injuring three others during a Facebook livestream on Sept. 8. Days earlier, Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher was abducted and killed. Memphis ex-con Cleotha Henderson was charged with first-degree murder and faces a slew of other charges related to the case.
One man told Fox News it was not safe "in the hood."…
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