Fakebook’s Double Standard on #TEXIT

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Facebook Suppresses Texit but Promotes Left Wing Sites

(Texian Partisan) Facebook is somewhat notorious for manipulating its content and for picking “winners” and “losers” on nearly every controversial issue. If you stand on the side they don’t like, your content gets shut down. Inconsistencies and hypocrisy abound.
Facebook has for a long time been hostile to the Texit movement. Our articles and posts show up less in our individual news feeds. Even our “friends” don’t get consistent access to pro-Texit content posted by legitimate citizens with Facebook profiles. If you sign up for a pro-Texit group like the Texian Partisan or Texas Nationalist Movement groups, you won’t get notifications of posts.
Today they took yet another turn further toward blatant censorship. We have made the case often…Read the rest

Lies the Elite Desperately Need to Protect by Censorship

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6 Lies the Powers-That-Be Desperately Need to Protect by Censoring Truthtellers
What they censor under the guise of stopping "misinformation" is actually their attempt to keep their own lies from being exposed. You probably know that, but your friends and family don’t

(NOQ Report) The hardcore push to censor anyone speaking the truth about certain subjects hit a wall twice over the weekend. First, they censored Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Surgeon General of the state of Florida, over a fact-based assessment of Covid jabs for young men. Then, a PayPal rule was dropped that showed they would confiscate $2500 from any accounts that spread “misinformation.”
Both draconian actions were reversed after backlash. Those were big wins for free speech, but why are we still having to fight these corporations for such a basic freedom? One can argue that PayPal is not affiliated with government and can do whatever they want to their members, but Twitter has been shown to work directly with the federal government to oppose free speech. Neither should be doing what they’re doing, but that still doesn’t answer the question of WHY they’re doing it, along with so many others.
The reason is crystal clear. The powers-that-be are propagating lies so massive that they need narrative control from every angle possible. They gaslight…Read the rest

Google-crats Censor Texas School Website

(There’s no Free Speech and no Free Lunch. Welcome to Clown World – DD)
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Google shuts down school district’s website

(The Examiner) A Southeast Texas school district’s website was removed by Google after it was reported as being “offensive.”
On Sept. 20 at about 9 a.m., Evadale ISD officials posted on their Facebook page that their website, www.evadalek12.net was taken down because the “website has been reported to Google as ‘offensive’ and has been removed.” The Evadale High School’s mascot is the “Rebels,” traditionally represented by a Confederate soldier and battle flag. The website, again live as of Oct. 4, depicts no image of the district’s mascot, nor does the district’s official Facebook page.
According to the school district, administration was made aware of the problem when parents could not access “Lunch Money Now” because of website issues. Students will still able to purchase a lunch even if funds are not currently available because of this issue…Read the rest

All of Us Are in Danger When Anti-Government Speech Becomes Sedition

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(John Whitehead, Activist Post) Anti-government speech has become a four-letter word.
In more and more cases, the government is declaring war on what should be protected political speech whenever it challenges the government’s power, reveals the government’s corruption, exposes the government’s lies, and encourages the citizenry to push back against the government’s many injustices.
Indeed, there is a long and growing list of the kinds of speech that the government considers dangerous enough to red flag and subject to censorship, surveillance, investigation and prosecution: hate speech, conspiratorial speech, treasonous speech, threatening speech, inflammatory speech, radical speech, anti-government speech, extremist speech, etc.
Things are about to get even dicier for those who believe in fully exercising their right to political expression.
Indeed, the government’s seditious conspiracy charges against…Read the rest

The Woke Takeover at Monticello

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Woke Takeover: Why Monticello is Now Smearing Thomas Jefferson, Author of America’s Declaration of Independence

(AMAC) Monticello, Virginia is a historic estate custom designed and built by one of America’s most famous Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson. In addition to being the third president of the United States, a young nation on a land that he had helped wrestle away from tyranny, Jefferson’s life is extraordinary and one that can and should be explored and learned from, debated, but most of all cherished. As one of the main authors of America’s Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was a thought-leader who expressed with grace and wisdom the idea of the American experiment. His role as one of the many great men in the history of the world has always been accepted. But today, the Monticello estate and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation that operates it, are now shamefully changing history and displaying the third American president in such a way that the visitor comes away with a feeling of disgust and contempt.
Over the last few years, towns and cities across America have been taken over by the radical woke mob and allowed “cancel culture” to take over. Attempts to remove statues, rename schools, and essentially erase American history, even the bad parts, have continued for years. Among the early targets was Thomas Jefferson…Read the rest