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‘Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory’ Apparently Turns Out To Be Real In Under 24 Hours

(Daily Caller) The New York Times initially framed a story on an election software company’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a “right-wing conspiracy theory,” but within 24 hours the story turned out to be true.
A Times article published Tuesday reported that “right-wing” election deniers in Arizona had crafted a conspiracy theory that election software company Konnech had secret ties to the CCP and gave the party access to personal information about two million U.S. poll workers.
The following morning, the company’s top executive, Eugene Yu, was arrested for the alleged theft of poll workers’ personal information…Read the rest

Red-Green Infiltration of biden White Hose

(You wondered who was pulling joe’s strings. Now you have your answer. This is just like the Russian-subsidized Green groups who have destroyed all Europe’s economy. Look further and you’ll find foreign influence behind all the anti-American troublemakers. BLM? ANTIFA? While they play chess, biden loses at checkers. – DD)
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Green group influencing Biden admin has deep ties to Chinese government
Green groups’ ties to China will be ‘top priority’ for House Republicans after midterms, GOP spokesperson says

(FOX) The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a major U.S. green group that has influenced Biden administration policymaking, has deep ties to the Chinese government.
The NRDC, a non-profit organization based in New York City with total assets exceeding $450 million, has worked on climate issues extensively in China since the mid-1990s and several of its top officials have worked for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or government-sponsored institutions.
The NRDC also maintains a close working relationship with President Biden’s administration. The NRDC’s former president, Gina McCarthy, served as Biden’s climate czar up from January 2021 until earlier this month. Current president, Manish Bapna, has attended at least two White House meetings, visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital show… Read the rest

biden defiant on Taiwan, Writing Checks for Our Kids to Cash!

"He’s handled everything else so well. Why not WAR with China too? (Insert Sarcasm Here) – DD
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Biden: American Troops Would Defend Taiwan if Invaded by China

(Information Liberation) Joe Biden told 60 Minutes in an interview released Sunday that American troops would defend Taiwan if the island was invaded by China.
Biden was asked pointblank by CBS’s Scott Pelley if US forces would be sent to defend Taiwan in the event of an attack.
"Yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack," Biden responded.
"So unlike Ukraine, to be clear, sir," Pelley said, "U.S. forces, U.S. men and women would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion?"
"Yes," Biden said.
60 Minutes interrupted Biden’s statement to report that an unnamed White House official told CBS after the interview that "official policy on Taiwan has not changed."…Read the rest