SCV Living History in Crossville, Ala

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Living history – Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter showcases Civil War life

(Sand Mountain Reporter) CROSSVILLE, Ala. — A local Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter made history come alive for students and others who wanted a glimpse of what life was like during the Civil War.
From Sept. 23-25, the Capt. John Rayburn, Camp 452 of Marshall County sponsored exhibits of living history and a battle re-enactment off DeKalb County Road 104, utilizing a portion of the 40 acres owned by camp member Robby Mays, who lives in Geraldine.
Students from Crossville, Geraldine and Collinsville visited on the morning of Sept. 23 to experience history in action. Students moved among the exhibits, where men dressed as Confederate soldiers or women wearing period correct clothing shared in-depth lessons on their subjects…Read the rest

How CW2 could start

(Look around. It already has – DD)
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How the Second Civil War Could Start
The potential U.S. descent into violence, mutual suspicion, and even dissolution.

(The Bulwark) [Editor’s Note: In the following excerpt from The Big Truth: Upholding Democracy in the Age of “The Big Lie”, on sale today, authors Major Garrett and David Becker imagine a grim scenario for the next two years of U.S. politics.]

America’s second civil war could start with a bang or with a whimper. It could begin with a skirmish or sneak up on us through a series of small compromises and acts of political cowardice. Civil war could announce itself loudly and bloodily, leaving no doubt as to its awful entrance. Or it could creep in through the back door, only to be recognized in hindsight as a series of seemingly disconnected events that could have and should have been stopped. We may be midstream in such a flow of events already. We now examine this possible future as if we have just emerged from its aftermath….

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CSS Hunley Sub Replica featured at Ararat (VA) Festival

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Civil War event to feature CSS Hunley replica

(Mount Airy News) ARARAT, Va. — Although Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart commanded the Confederate cavalry during the Civil War, a naval exhibit is to be part of an upcoming reenactment event at Stuart’s Laurel Hill birthplace in Patrick County.
But don’t worry, ground troops will still be highlighted in mock battles during the annual Civil War Encampment and Living History Weekend on the Ararat site which is slated for Oct. 1-2.
The overall goal of the event is to educate the public about the conflict that divided the nation and illustrate how the typical soldier of both blue and gray existed — in a sense allowing attendees to take a trip back in time.
Reenactment troops camp out on the grounds, where various exhibits and historical groups also set up shop and special programs are held during the weekend.
That’s where a replica of the CSS Hunley will play a key role. It pays homage to the first submarine in the world to sink an enemy vessel, …Read the rest

#CivilWar 2 – It’s not the future. It’s been going on for years.

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The Convenient Chimera of America’s ‘New Civil War’

(Strategic Culture) There is no imminent “civil war” coming to the United States between Republicans and Democrats. There is only one war that has been going on for many years: class war.
There’s a lot of fearful talk about the United States descending into a “new civil war” especially as highly fraught mid-term elections approach.
Commentators who indulge this notion are guilty of aiding the pretense that there are two different parties worth fighting for. When in reality the two U.S. parties are from the same stock: defenders of an oppressive, warmongering system.
To get rid of that system and replace it with something actually democratic requires popular recognition of how the two parties are equal parts of the same problem. A genuinely worker-led political movement is required guided by socialist objectives of economic justice and anti-imperialism.
Talk of civil war in the U.S. is a convenient chimera for suppressing real political awareness and democratic progress…Read the rest

43% say #NationlDivorce Imminent, Fear #CW2

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43% of Americans say civil war could happen in the next 10 years

(FISM TV) Polling conducted by the Economist and YouGov has unearthed some disturbing findings. The poll found that 43% of Americans say that the U.S. could experience civil war within the next decade.
Numbers reported in the New York Post indicate that a whopping 66% of Americans believe that the political divisions in the country have gotten worse since the beginning of 2021.
Strife among people of divergent thought has been smoldering in America for decades. However, the contentious presidential election of 2020, the subsequent storming of the capitol on January 6, and President Joe Biden’s recent demonizations of approximately half the country have no doubt accelerated tensions mightily.
Republicans have a more dire outlook for the country, as 72% say that these political divisions will only deteriorate further in the next few years. Democrats and Independents, although concerned, are not as widely pessimistic, as 58% of those groups agree with this assertion.
Republicans similarly view a U.S. civil war as more imminent than Democrats. The poll revealed that 54% of those respondents…Read the rest