How to Think About Monuments

(Bacon’s Rebellion) The conservative movement in Virginia faces a huge dilemma: how to build a “big tent” political coalition that is welcoming to African Americans and other minorities while resisting the cultural cleansing of everyone associated, however remotely, with the Civil War, slaveholding or segregation — including founding fathers of the republic such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

The iconoclasts are full of fury, and their logic is simple: monuments to Confederate soldiers and generals, they say, were erected as symbols of White supremacy and racism; White supremacy and racism must be expunged; therefore, these figures must be removed from the public sphere. Step by step, this syllogism has been extended to any figure tainted by racism, segregation, or slaveholding. An individual’s contributions and accomplishments count for nothing. Historical context is irrelevant. Artistic and aesthetic considerations of the statuary and pedestals as adornments to public places are of no import.

Conservatives and traditionalists have been powerless to reverse the momentum. They have mounted many lines of defense…

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It’s a Memorial, Not a Racist Ideology

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(Carol J. Bova, Bacon’s Rebellion) Accounts from lawyers, reporters, pundits and other outsiders have severely distorted the debate over the Confederate memorial in Mathews County.
To The Washington Post, the controversy is about the ”enduring power of the Civil War’s legacy.”
To the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights & Urban Affairs and Wilkie, Farr & Gallagher, LLP, writing on behalf of the local NAACP, it’s an endorsement of white supremacy. “Confederate monuments were intended to assert that white supremacy would remain a dominant force of social control.”
To Mathews families whose ancestors never came home from the war, the monument in front of the county courthouse provides an enduring connection to their ancestors – a love and commemoration of family. The monument is not a political statement. …Read the rest

Judges Ruling on AP Hill Grave Expected Next Month

(When is a monument not just a monument? When the person it memorializes is buried there. That makes it a grave. Then there’s a whole lot more laws for cultural-marxists to ignore – DD)
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Richmond judge to rule on AP Hill monument removal petition next month

(Culpepper Star-Exponent) The last city-owned Confederate statue standing in Richmond could soon be moved after a circuit court judge Thursday listened to arguments regarding the city’s petition to remove it.
While the city took down the rest of its Confederate monuments two years ago, a court order is required under state law for the city to move the A.P. Hill monument at Laburnum Avenue and Hermitage Road because the general is buried inside its plinth.
Several indirect descendants of the Confederate officer, who are challenging the city’s plans, made their case in court Thursday. At the end of the hearing, Richmond Circuit Court Judge David Eugene Cheek Sr. said he will take the petition and arguments against it under advisement for the next 30 days.
The dispute is centered on the city’s plans to donate the monument to the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia and relocate the general’s remains to Fairview Cemetery in Culpeper…Read the rest

Preserve the Bastrop, Texas Monuments

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What’s the latest with the Confederate monuments in Bastrop County?

(KXAN) BASTROP COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — There are still Confederate monuments at the Bastrop County courthouse, and residents have split opinions on what should happen to them.
Just over two years ago, County Commissioners approved moving the two monuments, with private funding that was raised. However, the monuments still sit on the grounds of the courthouse.
Commissioners discussed a capital improvement project during a meeting Monday to pay for items including refurbishing the old jail to eventually become a museum. That discussion included talk about putting the monuments there, though Bastrop County officials pointed out to KXAN that there is nothing in the jail refurbishment plan regarding moving or storing monuments, and they don’t know why everyone showed up today.
Refurbishment would also take time, and money that still hasn’t been secured.
Residents at the meeting were split on what to do with the monuments in the meantime…Read the rest

Charge against Fort Smith city administrator requested over flags’ removal

(He willfully and knowingly broke at state law for political brownie points from Dems – DD)
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(NWA Online) Attorney Joey McCutchen is asking Daniel Shue, Sebastian County prosecuting attorney, to charge Fort Smith City Administrator Carl Geffken with a misdemeanor for removing the Flags Over Fort Smith display without public input or approval from city directors.
McCutchen claimed Friday that in doing so, Geffken repeatedly violated the Arkansas State Capitol and Historical Monument Protection Act.
The monument act became law in April 2021. It states that except as permitted by law or authorized under the Arkansas History Commission, a historical monument cannot be moved, vandalized, damaged, destroyed, removed, altered, renamed or otherwise disturbed. However, the act doesn’t prohibit a governmental entity having responsibility for maintaining a historical monument from taking proper measures for the protection, preservation, care, repair or restoration of a monument.
A Class A misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500…Read the rest