Dems Scamming with Ian Relief? Never let a fund-raising crisis go to Waste

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ActBlue Hosts Dark Money Group to Raise Donations Via ‘Ian Response Fund’

(Florida’s Voice) FORT MYERS (FLV) – A coalition of Democrat advocacy groups, such as Florida Rising, encouraged donors to give money to a hurricane relief fund that funnels into a dark money organization.
Political advocacy groups including Florida Rising, Dream Defenders, Florida Immigrant Coalition, FL Jobs With Justice, and Faith in Florida coalesced to promote the Florida Ian Response Fund.
“The Florida Ian Response Fund will address urgent response needs of impacted communities, ensure equitable state and federal responses, and provide emergency aid throughout the state via a network of grassroots organizations that are standing by to quickly address the needs of their communities,” the fund’s website said.
However, the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee criticized the Florida Ian Response Fund for not showing up as a valid charity…Read the rest

The Big Rig – Watch for it. 2020 All Over Again

(The political establishment of both parties is desperate to preserve the swamp. It’s their natural habitat. – DD)
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It Begins: Leftists and RINOs Start Normalizing Election Result Delays Ahead of Voter Fraud Actions

(NOQ Report) For the last few weeks, I’ve been waiting to see who would be the first corporate media outlet to have a story on their frontpage about why we should expect delays in election results. Would it be the leftists or the RINOs in corporate media? I would have bet on the left, but I would have been wrong.
The Washington Times, which is comprised of mostly RINO-endorsers plus a handful of conservative and populist writers to maintain credibility, had as their top article today a piece telling us to expect delays because of close races and mail-in ballots. We can expect other RINO and leftist publications to follow suit.
According to the article:

Two years after prolonged ballot counting led to one of the most chaotic presidential elections in history, mail-in voting and other ballot processing issues may postpone the results in key races beyond Nov. 8 and perhaps delay determining which party will control the U.S. Senate.

The Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Senate races are considered the closest Senate races in the nation, rated toss-ups by non-partisan race analysts. The elections in those states could result in razor-thin margins of victory. The closer the results are, the more that the increasing use of mail-in ballots may become key to determining a winner, and those could take time to tabulate beyond Election Day.

Hmm. Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are half of the states contested during the 2020 presidential elections, states in which America First patriots demanded investigations into what really went down…Read the rest

The Big Rig: Michigan Zuckerbucks Case Resumes

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Big Development in Legal Battle Against ‘Zuckerberg Boxes’ Used to Boost Dems in 2020 Elections

(Trending Politics) A legal battle over a charity heavily funded by Meta/Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), which intervened in the 2020 election to place ballot ‘drop boxes’ predominately in Democrat-heavy districts, is being taken up at the Michigan Court of Appeals.
The lawsuit revolves around four Michigan voters who have been trying to sue the State of Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson for “dereliction of duty” by allowing private funding to interfere in violation of the Michigan Constitution and Election Code.
Michigan’s court had dismissed the lawsuit earlier because it would not move to issue a decision that might ‘interfere’ with the November election in 2020. The court did, however, rule that it could be taken up post-election for review. After the election, however, the Secretary of State has moved to block the case from proceeding by arguing that the voters lack standing.
The Thomas More Society has taken up the case, and in a legal brief filed on September 6, argued that this…Read the rest

Government Supremacists use 9-11 tragedy to attack dissent

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(Dixie Drudge) I know just the subject will raise a lot of Ire. 9-11 will forever live as a tragic day in history, whichever version of events you adhere to. True to form, the government supremacists made the rounds of various 9-11 memorial events and the Sunday shows. And, as usual they preached their peculiar un-gospel of blind obedience Americanism while demonizing everyone who does not agree with the rino/leftist agenda. The media-military-industrial complex has transformed what should be a solemn remembrance of the fallen into a vain and callous propaganda event to silence American dissent to their agenda. Before long, Patriots Day will be no more than a white sale…

Hillary Clinton Says 9/11 Reminds Americans To Fight ‘Extremism’ Amid White House Attacks On ‘MAGA Republicans’

Remarks by President Biden at 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

‘What Is A Semi-Fasicst?’: Chuck Todd Presses Kamala Harris Uniting The Country While Attacking ‘MAGA Republicans’

DHS secretary: ‘Threat landscape has evolved considerably’ since 9/11
9/11 name reader calls for U.S. lawmakers to unite:


Big Tech, Government Collusion – Evidence Accumulating

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There’s a lot more to see at our main page, Dixie Drudge! #FreeDixie

Over 50 Biden Administration Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved in Social Media Censorship Push: Documents

(Epoch Times) Over 50 officials in President Joe Biden’s administration across a dozen agencies have been involved with efforts to pressure Big Tech companies to crack down on alleged misinformation, according to documents released on Aug. 31.
Senior officials in the U.S. government, including White House lawyer Dana Remus, deputy assistant to the president Rob Flaherty, and onetime White House senior COVID-19 adviser Andy Slavitt, have been in touch with one or more major social media companies to try to get the companies to tighten rules on allegedly false and misleading information on COVID-19, and take action against users who violate the rules, the documents show.
In July 2021, for instance, after Biden said that Facebook was “killing people” by not combating misinformation effectively, an executive at Meta reached out to Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a Biden appointee, to say that government and Meta teams met after the remarks “to better understand the scope of what the White House expects from us on misinformation going forward.”…Read the rest