The Big Rig: As Election Season Nears, Voters are Still Concerned About Election Integrity

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(Texian Partisan) On November 8, the U.S. will hold its midterm elections, while Texas voters will head to the polls to elect state and local officials. For many Texans, even with the passage of new voting legislation/Senate Bill 1 (SB1) in 2021, election integrity remains a point of concern.
In just over one month, voters in Texas will cast their ballots for seven statewide positions: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, land commissioner, agriculture commissioner, comptroller and a Railroad Commission seat. Additionally, Texans are slated to elect officials for district-based congressional and legislative offices, the State Board of Education, and judicial seats.
Election Integrity is a Non-Partisan Issue in Texas
The issue of election integrity is not a partisan one. As part of its 2022 platform, the Republican Party of Texas (see Fair Elections Procedures) states the group’s support for “The constitutional authority of state legislatures to regulate voting.” Additionally, the 2022 platform of the Texas Democratic Party… Read the rest