TNM hosts global webinar on #TEXIT #NationalDivorce

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TNM Hosts Webinar “Global Exit & the Americas”

(Texial Partisan) Over the past 75 years, there has been an explosion of self-governing independent nations around the world. The mainstream narrative is that self-determination is a phenomenon that is reserved for people “over there.” Texans know that just isn’t true.
The Texian Partisan serves up consistent, high-quality pro-Texas news with a healthy side of Texit. For those readers who are fans of political and cultural self-determination, here’s a chance to learn more about Texit, straight from the state’s foremost advocacy organization.
The Texas Nationalist Movement is launching a series of webinars featuring experts in their respective fields focused on providing supporters with critical knowledge and information on every aspect of Texit.
These webinars will kick off on September 26, 2022, and are slated to run indefinitely…Read the rest