#NWO – WEF, Davos Unthinkable Plans

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WEF Uses Coded Language to Communicate Unthinkable Plans
WEF’s Language is Used to Avoid Unwanted Attention

(Igor, Chudov, LewRockwell.Com) What if I told you that the World Economic Forum’s climate agenda is to stop economic growth, and shut down many industries, which would be accomplished by having a WEF-designed artificial intelligence system decide which industries are to be liquidated? And that the WEF expects working people to be paying money to the masses of economically displaced people, to induce them not to work?
You would probably laugh at me, call me a crazy person, and refuse to even consider that seriously. That story could not possibly be true! An important global organization cannot propose such an absurdity! What a stupid conspiracy theory, probably invented by some weirdo who is living under a rock!
If that is your reaction, you are a perfectly normal person, as no well-adjusted individual would ever come up with such nonsensical proposals. Even I, if I heard something like that from a random individual I just met, would probably just dismiss such things as crazy talk.
All good, but this very proposal is the central part of the WEF’s agenda, proudly featured on its homepage…Read the rest

Ten Huge Government Supremacist, Globalist Lies

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The 10 Biggest Globalist Lies That MUST Be Annihilated

(NOQ Report) We are all being lied to on multiple fronts multiple times per day. American society has been so inundated with lies that it’s often hard to isolate the truth. On top of the falsehoods, we also have to contend with trivial fodder that makes for interesting social media posts but that does not have anything to do with the real threats facing our nation…
One final note: This list is probably incomplete. The vast majority of the problems we face from the globalist elites can fall into one of these categories, but if we’ve learned anything over the past couple of years it’s that they seem to come up with something new every week. My hope is to defeat some of the items on this list and thereby mark them off as no longer being existential threats, but my fear is that this list will actually grow over time.
Lie #10: “LGBTQIA+ Agenda Is About Equality”
The LGBTQIA+ community achieved equality long ago. Today, we’re seeing the push for absolute supremacy. This is why they’re grooming children in schools, through Hollywood, and on apps like TikTok. They aren’t just trying to brainwash kids into a destructive ideology. They’re trying to separate them from God because if they can get kids to think they were made “wrong,” then they can be more easily persuaded that they weren’t really “made” at all.
Lie #9: “The Border Crisis Is

Read the rest