Google-crats Censor Texas School Website

(There’s no Free Speech and no Free Lunch. Welcome to Clown World – DD)
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Google shuts down school district’s website

(The Examiner) A Southeast Texas school district’s website was removed by Google after it was reported as being “offensive.”
On Sept. 20 at about 9 a.m., Evadale ISD officials posted on their Facebook page that their website, was taken down because the “website has been reported to Google as ‘offensive’ and has been removed.” The Evadale High School’s mascot is the “Rebels,” traditionally represented by a Confederate soldier and battle flag. The website, again live as of Oct. 4, depicts no image of the district’s mascot, nor does the district’s official Facebook page.
According to the school district, administration was made aware of the problem when parents could not access “Lunch Money Now” because of website issues. Students will still able to purchase a lunch even if funds are not currently available because of this issue…Read the rest

Big Tech Harassing GOP Communications

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RNC Says Google Spiked Over 22 MILLION of Its Emails in September Alone

(Robert Spencer, PJ Media) It’s not really a secret anymore that the Left doesn’t believe in a level playing field, and that the woke vanguard is censorious, fascist, and unwilling to allow for the fair and open enunciation of opposing points of view. That’s why so many conservatives, including Donald Trump himself, have been banned from Twitter and Facebook, and that’s why Parler, Gettr, Gab and Truth Social exist at all: to give a voice to those who have been denied a platform for having views that don’t correspond to those of the political and media elites. But the censorship is even more far-reaching than that: on Monday, Fox News reported that “the Republican National Committee [RNC] says Google is suppressing get-out-the-vote [GOTV] and fundraising emails by sending millions of GOP election emails to users’ Gmail spam folders, with party leadership threatening to explore legal options to ‘put an end’ to what they call a ‘clear pattern of bias.’” Google, biased against conservatives? Why, the only people who could possibly be shocked by this are working for Mitt Romney and Adam Kinzinger…
Read the rest

Time to Dump the Google-crat Spy Nyetwork

(For a long time I used Google’s servers for websites, blogs, etc. It seems that Google was lackadaisical about indexing content hosted on their own systems. That and their terrible record with privacy, spying, censorship etc. is why I seldom worry with them or SEO for their search engine anymore. is what Google used to be. I can’t recommend it enough – DD)
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Ditch Google and Gmail Before It’s Too Late
Google isn’t just censoring information via its search engine – while about 50% of our subscribers are using Gmail accounts, the delivery rate is HALF of email providers like this one.

(Dr. Joseph Mercola, Freedom First Network)

  • Many understand that Google is filtering and massively censoring information through its search engine, but it also has the power to censor in other areas, including your personal email if you’re using Gmail
  • The technocratic cabal is pushing the world toward global tyranny, and Google is one of the primary supporters, aiders and abettors, of this scheme
  • Google catches every single move you make online if you’re using a Google-based product. All Google products are interconnected, and the data from all their different products and services are collected to build your personality profile, which is both used to manipulate you, and sold to third parties to be used in whatever way they like
  • Google poses several unique threats to society. It’s a surveillance agency with military connections and covert surveillance powers, it’s a censoring agency with the ability to restrict or block access to websites across the internet, and it has the power to manipulate public opinion
  • Without Google, the technocrats’ dream of a One World Government would likely never happen, as it relies on social engineering and artificial intelligence. Google is a frontrunner and expert in both, and has the ability to control entire populations

The fact that half of all people in the U.S. and around the world are still using Gmail as their primary email service is a testament to the fact that many still do not understand just how dangerous Google actually is…Read the rest

More Google Pro-Life Censorship

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Hawley Calls on Google to Explain Why It Has ‘Throttled’ Crisis Pregnancy Centers

(DAily Signal) Sen. Josh Hawley is calling on Google to explain why it has reportedly “throttled” the online outreach of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, expressing concerns that Google is “deliberately limiting pregnancy resource centers’ outreach efforts.”
In a letter first obtained by The Daily Signal, Hawley, R-Mo., tells Google that the pregnancy research centers in his home state “seek to reach women considering abortion, in order to offer both alternatives to abortion and support during and after their pregnancies.”
“That outreach takes a number of forms, including online ad campaigns focused on a number of abortion-related search terms,” he continued. “But recently, your company appears to have throttled that outreach.”
Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers have faced a slew of attacks since the May leak of a draft opinion indicating that Roe v. Wade would soon be overturned…Read the rest