Mainstream Media Major Threat to Democracy

(You know it must be true. It was a new york times poll. You must believe the puppet masters. CONFORM – DD)
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Poll: Majority Say Mainstream Media A ‘Major Threat’ To Democracy

(Daily Wire) According to the latest New York Times/Siena poll, a healthy majority of Americans believe that democracy is under threat — and over half of those who believe democracy is at risk say the “mainstream media” presents a “major threat.”
The poll, which surveyed 792 registered voters between October 9 and October 12, asked respondents to select one of the two following statements as aligning closest to their views — even if they did not match exactly: American democracy is currently under threat (71%); American democracy is not currently under threat (21%)…

  • Mainstream media: major threat — 59%; minor threat — 25%; not a threat — 15%…

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Agencies Surveilling YOU Without Warrants Through Private Companies

(I’ve heard too many people say, "It’s okay. I got nothing to hide." Well, goodfor them. Because now nothing can be hidden. – DD)
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What is Fog Reveal? A legal scholar explains the app some police forces are using to track people without a warrant
(The Conversation) Government agencies and private security companies in the U.S. have found a cost-effective way to engage in warrantless surveillance of individuals, groups and places: a pay-for-access web tool called Fog Reveal.
The tool enables law enforcement officers to see “patterns of life” – where and when people work and live, with whom they associate and what places they visit. The tool’s maker, Fog Data Science, claims to have billions of data points from over 250 million U.S. mobile devices.
Fog Reveal came to light when the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit that advocates for online civil liberties, was investigating location data brokers and uncovered the program through a Freedom of Information Act request. EFF’s investigation found that Fog Reveal enables law enforcement and private companies to identify and track people and monitor specific places and events, like rallies, protests, places of worship…Read the rest

Bond Villain Soros Plots American Collapse

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George Soros’ Chief Mission Is the Downfall of America

(Classic portrait of a megalomaniac government supremacist – DD)
(NOQ Report) Billionaire George Soros is that rare megalomaniac who not only believes he’s a god but revels in behaving like one. “It’s a sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out,” he once boasted to The Independent.
This god complex, combined with his downright amorality and bizarre ideas about society, makes the 92-year-old extremely dangerous to democracies, especially America. The warning comes loud and clear in Matt Palumbo’s recent book, The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros, which documents Soros’s decades of financial dealings, political operations, and nefarious networks.
Early in the book, Palumbo highlights Soros’s amorality, planted perhaps when his Hungarian Jewish family assumed Christian identities and collaborated with the invading Nazis. The teenaged Soros accompanied his phony godfather, who inventoried properties seized from Jewish families sent to concentration camps. Yet, he says he feels no guilt, only detachment.
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Tom Woods – What the Lizard People Mean by ‘Democracy’

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(LewRockwell.Com) If there’s one thing — other than the Covid shots, that is — that we’re lectured about 24 hours a day, it’s “democracy.”
Oh, our elites can’t get themselves enough democracy!
They are deeply concerned about following the will of the people, you understand.
But as I mentioned last week, the Progressive Era in the United States was not so much about “democracy” as it was transitioning toward so-called expert direction of society, albeit with a veneer of democracy. What mattered to the Progressives was that they themselves were ultimately in charge.
This is how their modern counterparts can say, in all seriousness, that they’re “saving democracy” even when they’re sabotaging officials who won democratic elections. In case it sounds like they’re contradicting themselves, they’re really not. They are democracy. They and their colleagues and cronies and so-called experts are democracy, and the stupid rubes who won’t just bend the knee to them and do as they say are the enemies of democracy.
Have a future in mind that doesn’t involve crippling energy prices, eating bugs, having your kids brainwashed, and watching central banks siphon away your wealth? Why, you may be a danger to “democracy,” citizen…Read the rest

Government Supremacist Family Spies 1-(800)Be-A-Ratt

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(Blacklisted News) A recent DHS/FBI/NCTC “U.S. Violent Extremist Mobilization Indicators” booklet warns law enforcement that violent domestic extremists are just biding their time to attack them and our democracy.
The first sentence in the extremist indicator booklet claims that the U.S. and ‘other Western nations’ face a heightened threat of violent extremists but never backs up those claims.
The latest extremist indicator booklet differs greatly from previous ones by attempting to flag a person(s) based on their ideology.
“Previous editions of this booklet have focused solely on the indicators of homegrown violent extremist mobilization to violence; this edition has been expanded to include indicators that apply to multiple ideologically-motivated US-based violent extremists, given the evolving complexity and variety of factors influencing the domestic threat landscape.”
By asking law enforcement to look at a person’s ideology and flag anything they deem suspicious, we run the risk of becoming like China and Russia; countries who arrest people based on those very things…Read the rest