Gun Grabbers Criminalize yankee ACW Reenactment

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Gun Hating Liberals Ruin Civil War Reenactment With New Gun Control Law

(Trending Politics) Well, liberals have managed to ruin fun once again, which is something they have become exceedingly good at over the last twenty years or so. So, whose parade have they rained on this time? Thanks to a sweeping gun control law, a yearly Civil War reenactment that is held in a small town known as Angelica, located in the western part of New York, has been cancelled.
You know, this is such a simple issue to solve. If only we took the Constitution seriously. It clearly states that Americans have the right to own firearms and that such a right shall not be infringed. Boom. Done. Gun control is not constitutional, even in just a simple plain reading. Dump it in the garbage and let’s get back to it. Unfortunately, liberals are doing everything in their power to destroy the Second Amendment and ensure the populace is unarmed, which makes them perfect targets for a hostile takeover by oppressive governmental forces….Read the rest