The Big Rig: Georgia Proof Showing the Fix Was In

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Citizen Investigators Find Bombshell Fabricated Documents. Submitted to Georgia State Elections Board

(Gateway Pundit) A majority of Americans are experiencing distrust in our elections in the United States according to recent polling data. What should be simple counting machines are hidden behind extravagant coding, “intellectual property” claims, and ownership by complex private equity firms.
The federal government hasn’t updated their guidelines for these machines and their “security” since years before the iPhone was in existence. And now we find out that one federal agency may actually be fabricating documents to cover for their inadequacies. This should not be a partisan issue: these machines must go.
The fact that the Elections Assistance Commission Commission (EAC) did not have a valid accreditation certificate for voting machine testing laboratory Pro V&V prior to the 2020 election has been disclosed in numerous court cases and testimony to state legislatures. Yet, somehow, they seem to ignore this incredible fact. The Gateway Pundit reported on this previously while also talking about the conflict of interest that exists with these “testing” labs being paid by the companies they are “testing” for.
But last month, a new discovery was made by citizens investigating the disastrous 2020 election that was riddled with fraud, violations of state and federal laws, chain of custody violations,…Read the rest