Google-crats Censor Texas School Website

(There’s no Free Speech and no Free Lunch. Welcome to Clown World – DD)
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Google shuts down school district’s website

(The Examiner) A Southeast Texas school district’s website was removed by Google after it was reported as being “offensive.”
On Sept. 20 at about 9 a.m., Evadale ISD officials posted on their Facebook page that their website, was taken down because the “website has been reported to Google as ‘offensive’ and has been removed.” The Evadale High School’s mascot is the “Rebels,” traditionally represented by a Confederate soldier and battle flag. The website, again live as of Oct. 4, depicts no image of the district’s mascot, nor does the district’s official Facebook page.
According to the school district, administration was made aware of the problem when parents could not access “Lunch Money Now” because of website issues. Students will still able to purchase a lunch even if funds are not currently available because of this issue…Read the rest