The Big Rig – Watch for it. 2020 All Over Again

(The political establishment of both parties is desperate to preserve the swamp. It’s their natural habitat. – DD)
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It Begins: Leftists and RINOs Start Normalizing Election Result Delays Ahead of Voter Fraud Actions

(NOQ Report) For the last few weeks, I’ve been waiting to see who would be the first corporate media outlet to have a story on their frontpage about why we should expect delays in election results. Would it be the leftists or the RINOs in corporate media? I would have bet on the left, but I would have been wrong.
The Washington Times, which is comprised of mostly RINO-endorsers plus a handful of conservative and populist writers to maintain credibility, had as their top article today a piece telling us to expect delays because of close races and mail-in ballots. We can expect other RINO and leftist publications to follow suit.
According to the article:

Two years after prolonged ballot counting led to one of the most chaotic presidential elections in history, mail-in voting and other ballot processing issues may postpone the results in key races beyond Nov. 8 and perhaps delay determining which party will control the U.S. Senate.

The Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Senate races are considered the closest Senate races in the nation, rated toss-ups by non-partisan race analysts. The elections in those states could result in razor-thin margins of victory. The closer the results are, the more that the increasing use of mail-in ballots may become key to determining a winner, and those could take time to tabulate beyond Election Day.

Hmm. Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are half of the states contested during the 2020 presidential elections, states in which America First patriots demanded investigations into what really went down…Read the rest

The Big Rig: As Election Season Nears, Voters are Still Concerned About Election Integrity

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(Texian Partisan) On November 8, the U.S. will hold its midterm elections, while Texas voters will head to the polls to elect state and local officials. For many Texans, even with the passage of new voting legislation/Senate Bill 1 (SB1) in 2021, election integrity remains a point of concern.
In just over one month, voters in Texas will cast their ballots for seven statewide positions: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, land commissioner, agriculture commissioner, comptroller and a Railroad Commission seat. Additionally, Texans are slated to elect officials for district-based congressional and legislative offices, the State Board of Education, and judicial seats.
Election Integrity is a Non-Partisan Issue in Texas
The issue of election integrity is not a partisan one. As part of its 2022 platform, the Republican Party of Texas (see Fair Elections Procedures) states the group’s support for “The constitutional authority of state legislatures to regulate voting.” Additionally, the 2022 platform of the Texas Democratic Party… Read the rest

Will Italy’s Election Foreshadow US Midterms?

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(NOQ Report) Sunday was an historic election day for Italy. A conservative alliance with a populist flair absolutely trounced the technocrats who had been running the country into the ground for the past several years.
The previous prime minister, former Goldman Sachs banker Mario Draghi, implemented one of the most restrictive – and inhuman – Covid shutdowns, which, along with supporting economically suicidal sanctions against Russia, have left Italy an economic basket case.
Replacing the bland banker will likely be Giorgia Meloni from the right-wing Sons of Italy party. Meloni will be a first for Italy: the first female prime minister. But don’t expect the Left to celebrate it: her name cannot be mentioned in the mainstream media without reference to Mussolini.
Ironically, the democratic victory of Meloni and the rest of the Italian right likely owes a great deal of gratitude to one of Europe’s most undemocratic and anti-democratic leaders: European Union Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen.Read the rest

The Big Rig: MSM setting up Senate Steal. More than 2000 Mules

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Fake News Media Lays Groundwork for U.S. Senate Vote Steal in Midterm Elections

(Big League Politics) The fake news is laying the groundwork for another vote steal in the U.S. senate elections in the upcoming midterms in November.
A Politico article titled, “Why we may not know who won the Senate on Election Day,” explains how “issues with state law that caused the 2020 election results to drag out for days are still in play in key 2022 states.”
“Then-President Donald Trump used the delays counting mail ballots after Election Day to sow confusion and baseless conspiracy theories about the validity of the vote count, igniting a movement to overturn the results that led to the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021,” the report stated.
“Now, Trump-aligned candidates on the ballot have signaled they could mimic the former president and use any delays in 2022 to undermine confidence in the results again,” it added.
The article tried to paint election officials, some of the most corrupt government bureaucrats in the country, in a sympathetic light for being unable and/or unwilling to do their jobs in a timely and expedient manner…Read the rest