#NWO – The Corrupt, Government-Supremacist UN Isn’t Worth Our Time or Money

(Just a reminder that the UN HATES our 2nd Amendment. Time to give them the boot! – DD)
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The United Nations: Is it worth all the money?
United Nations’ effectiveness, spending questioned by people in New York as General Assembly convenes

(FOX) NEW YORK CITY – People in New York questioned the effectiveness of the United Nations and the amount of money it spends as the General Assembly convenes for its 77th session.
"I’m not a fan of the UN," one man, Elias, told Fox News. "It’s a money-making corrupt organization."
Giovanni, an Italian who moved to Brooklyn in 1977, made similar remarks.
"I’ll tell you the truth: I don’t know why they exist," he said.
The UN, comprised of 193 nations, was formed after World War II to maintain worldwide piece and to develop friendly relations and coordination between nations, according to the United Nations Charter. World leaders gather at the annual General Assembly in New York to debate important issues facing the world.
"I wish they would do something," one New Yorker, Steve, told Fox News. "I know there is a UN, I know the world leaders meet almost every year."
"Unfortunately, they either have a very bad press secretary, because we don’t hear of anything that they’re doing, or they’re not doing nothing," Steve said.
One man, Ronato, said he doesn’t think the UN is effective…
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