Maduro learns from Castro. Venezuelan Convicts headed to Border

(Been there, done that. Photo is from what members of the Arkansas National Guard remember as the "Cuban Campaign" at Ft. Chaffee in the summer of 1980. That’s when Castro emptied his prisons and mixed convicts in with refugees in the Mariel Boatlift. A lovely summer of chiggers, lice, and riots ensued. Thanks, President Carter. – DD)
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YIKES: Shocking Report Shows Venezuela Emptying Prisons, Sending Criminals to Illegally Cross into the US

(Trending Politics) This past week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made headlines by shipping 50 illegal immigrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard via airplane, with the two planeloads of illegals landing and then quickly being escorted away from the playground of the liberal elite. And where were those illegal immigrants from? Venezuela.
But those are the only Venezuelan illegal immigrants in the news right now. Some others coming up from Venezuela are too, though for a completely different reason than Governor DeSantis’ trolling of the hypocritical left that so loves the idea of illegal immigrants until those illegals arrive and “enrich” their upscale neighborhoods.
No, these other illegal immigrants from Venezuela are in the news thanks to their alleged criminality and the Venezuelan regime’s alleged involvement in getting them across the border.
Yes, that’s right: the already detestable Maduro regime is now involved in shipping its criminal elements to the United States, getting them here illegally so that Venezuela is no longer “enriched” by their presence and we are…Read the rest