Natural and Government-Created Disasters

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Ron Paul: Americans Suffer From Natural and Government-Created Disasters

(NOQ Report) Last week Congress passed a continuing resolution and then adjourned until after the election. When Congress reconvenes, it will almost certainly pass a multi-billion dollars aid package for those impacted by Hurricane Ian. This spending will likely be labeled “emergency,” so Congress members will not even have to pretend they are offsetting the new spending with cuts in other, lower priority programs.
The failure of Congress to offset spending on disaster relief with cuts in other programs is one reason why I always voted against disaster aid when I was in Congress, even when the spending was for disasters that occurred in my district. Of course, I also opposed these bills because disaster relief is unconstitutional and immoral as are all other income redistribution programs.
When I voted against disaster relief, my office would receive angry calls from constituents. However, within several months many of those constituents would call back to say that after dealing with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) they realized that disaster victims would be better off without federal “help.”
Federally managed disaster relief is neither efficient…Read the rest

Who Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipeline? Cold Winter for EU

(Line up the "Usual Suspects," from Russia to Soros operatives to environmental whackados to anarchist whackados. It’s a rogue’s gallery of stooopid and winter is on the way. Thank goodness for all that global warming! – DD)
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Nord Stream leaks: Sabotage to blame, says EU

(BBC) The EU has said leaks in two major gas pipelines from Russia to Europe were caused by sabotage – but stopped short of directly accusing Russia.
Deliberate disruption would result in the "strongest possible response", said the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.
Ukraine earlier went further, accusing Russia of a "terrorist attack".
The EU has previously accused Russia of using gas supplies, and the Nord Stream line, as a weapon against the West.
The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he thought the leaks would "not have a significant impact on Europe’s energy resilience". Neither pipeline is transporting gas at the moment, although they both contain gas.
Mr Blinken did not directly accuse Russia – but said it would be in "no-one’s interest" if they were caused deliberately…Read the rest