They wanted to be Sanctuary Cities. Now they are

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Dem Mayors Avoid ‘Cruel,’ ‘Xenophobic’ Accusations They Reserved for Republicans as Bus Loads of Illegals Continue to Arrive

(Trending Politics) As Texas governor, Greg Abbott continues to send bus-loads of illegal immigrants to Democrat-run cities, mayors who previously blasted Republicans for calling for better border controls are suddenly changing their minds.
Old sayings are so often accurate and no phrase could coin the Dem’s historic attitude to illegal immigration into the US than ‘out of sight, out of mind’.
All the time borders states like Texas were being forced to deal with hundreds of thousands of migrants swarming across the US-Mexico border month on month, they sat back and criticized anyone who called for action to be taken.
Biden himself vowed that “not another foot” of Trump’s controversial wall across the border would be constructed, yet even the woke Fuhrer has quietly retracted this promise and has continued to erect sections of Trump’s legacy…Read the rest