Dems Scamming with Ian Relief? Never let a fund-raising crisis go to Waste

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ActBlue Hosts Dark Money Group to Raise Donations Via ‘Ian Response Fund’

(Florida’s Voice) FORT MYERS (FLV) – A coalition of Democrat advocacy groups, such as Florida Rising, encouraged donors to give money to a hurricane relief fund that funnels into a dark money organization.
Political advocacy groups including Florida Rising, Dream Defenders, Florida Immigrant Coalition, FL Jobs With Justice, and Faith in Florida coalesced to promote the Florida Ian Response Fund.
“The Florida Ian Response Fund will address urgent response needs of impacted communities, ensure equitable state and federal responses, and provide emergency aid throughout the state via a network of grassroots organizations that are standing by to quickly address the needs of their communities,” the fund’s website said.
However, the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee criticized the Florida Ian Response Fund for not showing up as a valid charity…Read the rest

“Green” Energy is a Scam. It Isn’t MEANT to Work.

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(James Corbett, Activist Post) Good news, everybody! A new report from the eggheads at Oxford University assures us that switching to renewables will actually save us trillions of dollars!
You heard that right. It won’t cost us trillions of dollars to build out a completely new global energy grid infrastructure based on technology that is still under development and then switch the entire global economy onto it. No, don’t be silly! It’s going to save us trillions of dollars. TRILLIONS, I tell you!
Now, I know what some of you skeptical Corbett Reporteers out there are thinking: how can that be? After all, as The Manhattan Contrarian blog points out in a recent post on the “Cost of the Green Energy Transition,” the disruption to the European gas supply caused by the Ukraine kerfuffle is already wreaking havoc on Europe’s economy, with Germans bracing for a 13% rise in their regulated consumer gas bills this year and UK residents facing a near tripling of their own energy bills. And that’s before the Great Resetters start shutting off the pipes for real and forcing the hoi polloi on to the wind/solar/unicorn fart “green” energy grid…Read the rest

The ‘Fact Checker’ Scam

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(The Tom Woods Letter) One of the most laughable developments of recent years has been the rise of the “fact-checker.”
The fact-checker, in the fantasy version, is a nonpartisan, dispassionate expert who wants to prevent people from being misled.
In the planet-Earth version, the fact checker is a hyperpartisan fanatic who wants to prevent people from entertaining thoughts at odds with the narrative the regime is trying to present.
My worst run-in with a fact-checker happened — when else? — in 2020. I had given a 20-minute talk called “The COVID Cult” at a Ron Paul event outside Houston.
In those 20 minutes I packed in as much common sense about the situation as I could, along with a bunch of charts that looked the opposite of how they should have if the alleged “mitigation measures” did any good.
The video took off — by the time Big Tech banned it, it had had 1.5 million views.
When they banned it, they rubbed salt in the wound with one of their absurd “fact checks.”
I devoted episode #1782 of the Tom Woods Show to refuting it….Read the rest