How Republics Die

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(AMAC) When we speak politically, we risk criticism – yet we may save the Republic. When we question elected officials, public “narratives” (once children’s stories), redefinition of words (in biology, history, or law), defend ourselves, or ask others to defend anti-American ideologies (like Marxism), we risk blowback. But not speaking – fear of the blowback – is how republics die.
Arguably, the greatest danger to a republic is self-chilling – people getting afraid to voice what they know, feel, or experience as truth, because they expect to be punished, forced to pay a social, political, economic, or personal price for defending truth, conscience, and tradition.
We are at that moment in America, whether we like it or not. We see political dialogue – especially since 2020 – turning violent, that violence justified by political leaders, especially on the left, but also on the right. This is a breakdown of civil order and must be stopped, soon.
When groups like ANTIFA, BLM, and, lately, pro-abortion groups turn violent, destroying property and instilling fear, political actors in both major parties must turn the volume down and condemn the rise of political violence. Some have, and many have not. Because some have not, proponents of violence feel empowered…Read the rest