Texas Monthly Asks If We’re Serious About Secession? Heck Yes! #TEXIT

(The answer to this question should have been self-evident after reading the previously posted article about the cartels on the border that the US government refuses to do anything about – DD)
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(Texian Partisan) A recent article in Texas Monthly asked if Texas Republicans were “serious about secession.” Hardly a piece of objective journalism, the article cherry-picked its stats and trotted out biased experts. The Texian Partisan breaks down the article, and their arguments just don’t stand up to scrutiny.
Texas Monthly has always leaned a bit to the political left, so it’s no surprise that their recent article on the possibility of Texit was somewhere between “well how about that” and “bless their hearts.” Although this piece was more balanced than some we’ve seen from them in the past, they still trot out the same arguments, choose some polls and ignore others, and have the same cadre of experts from liberal universities to say, “it can’t happen.”
Only Republicans?
First off, the article title assumes that Republicans are the only ones having a Texit conversation. While there are two Texit planks in the Republican Party of Texas platform, there’s been a plank in the Libertarian party platform for quite a few years. Also, recent polling…Read the rest

Texas LEOs Doing the Job Feds Don’t Want To Do

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OLS officers apprehend over 700 people in one night, catch a man wanted by Interpol

(Center Square) Texas law enforcement officers working through Operation Lone Star are continuing to thwart criminal activity at the southern border, making record numbers of apprehensions including human smugglers.
On one night, for example, Texas National Guard soldiers assisted with apprehending a group of 717 people who illegally entered Texas, crossing the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass.
In another instance, DPS brush teams arrested a Honduran man who’d illegally entered the U.S. after he crossed onto a private ranch in Maverick County. After performing a criminal background check, they found that he had an active Interpol warrant for murder in Honduras.
In another instance, a DPS trooper apprehended a man in El Paso with three active warrants…Read the rest

Fakebook’s Double Standard on #TEXIT

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Facebook Suppresses Texit but Promotes Left Wing Sites

(Texian Partisan) Facebook is somewhat notorious for manipulating its content and for picking “winners” and “losers” on nearly every controversial issue. If you stand on the side they don’t like, your content gets shut down. Inconsistencies and hypocrisy abound.
Facebook has for a long time been hostile to the Texit movement. Our articles and posts show up less in our individual news feeds. Even our “friends” don’t get consistent access to pro-Texit content posted by legitimate citizens with Facebook profiles. If you sign up for a pro-Texit group like the Texian Partisan or Texas Nationalist Movement groups, you won’t get notifications of posts.
Today they took yet another turn further toward blatant censorship. We have made the case often…Read the rest

County Passes Official Resolution For #TEXIT

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Edwards County Passes Official Resolution Calling for Texit

(TNM) Edwards County, Texas, Commissioners Court has passed a resolution calling for the legislature to pursue a TEXIT vote consistent with the platform of the Republican Party of Texas. Citing ongoing problems with the Federal government and laying out Constitutional grounds for legal separation, the court made a claim for self-determination.
Commissioners laid out several grievances against the Federal Government, including the federal debt, usurpation of state sovereignty, restrictions on private businesses, restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, and the abject failure of federal border and immigration policies, among others.
The resolution calls on calls on the Texas Legislature to put TEXIT on the ballot in accordance with planks 33 and 225 of the 2022 Texas Republican Platform, which passed with nearly 90% support of the convention…Read the rest

Google-crats Censor Texas School Website

(There’s no Free Speech and no Free Lunch. Welcome to Clown World – DD)
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Google shuts down school district’s website

(The Examiner) A Southeast Texas school district’s website was removed by Google after it was reported as being “offensive.”
On Sept. 20 at about 9 a.m., Evadale ISD officials posted on their Facebook page that their website, www.evadalek12.net was taken down because the “website has been reported to Google as ‘offensive’ and has been removed.” The Evadale High School’s mascot is the “Rebels,” traditionally represented by a Confederate soldier and battle flag. The website, again live as of Oct. 4, depicts no image of the district’s mascot, nor does the district’s official Facebook page.
According to the school district, administration was made aware of the problem when parents could not access “Lunch Money Now” because of website issues. Students will still able to purchase a lunch even if funds are not currently available because of this issue…Read the rest