Texas Monthly Asks If We’re Serious About Secession? Heck Yes! #TEXIT

(The answer to this question should have been self-evident after reading the previously posted article about the cartels on the border that the US government refuses to do anything about – DD)
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(Texian Partisan) A recent article in Texas Monthly asked if Texas Republicans were “serious about secession.” Hardly a piece of objective journalism, the article cherry-picked its stats and trotted out biased experts. The Texian Partisan breaks down the article, and their arguments just don’t stand up to scrutiny.
Texas Monthly has always leaned a bit to the political left, so it’s no surprise that their recent article on the possibility of Texit was somewhere between “well how about that” and “bless their hearts.” Although this piece was more balanced than some we’ve seen from them in the past, they still trot out the same arguments, choose some polls and ignore others, and have the same cadre of experts from liberal universities to say, “it can’t happen.”
Only Republicans?
First off, the article title assumes that Republicans are the only ones having a Texit conversation. While there are two Texit planks in the Republican Party of Texas platform, there’s been a plank in the Libertarian party platform for quite a few years. Also, recent polling…Read the rest

What Biden Won’t Say In His Speech Tonight

(Texian Partisan) Joe Biden has a speech tonight. Let’s put the Partisan on the record ahead of time about what he’s likely to say, and what he’s not likely to say.

USA Today reported that Biden will address the “extremist threat to our democracy” in tonight’s speech, citing the “rising threat of political violence.” As the current guy on the throne, I am sure that’s truly what he’s worried about. And, if he perceives extremist political violence as a risk, then as the leader he should address it.

What he won’t say is where extremism comes from in the first place. Extremists are necessary when the middle won’t move. The overall ineffectiveness of both political parties, both when in charge and when in the minority, has bred a generation of Americans who have to take extreme positions to get any movement. If you want to see some responsible checks on industry and climate change, you have to ask for a whole “Green New Deal.” If you want elections to be handled fairly and by the rules, you have to occasionally make a mess at the Capitol building. If you want abortion to be treated as “killing” and “my body my choice” at the same time with some reasonable guidelines, there’s no option for that. You only get “abortion is a constitutional right” or “abortion is banned entirely.” Black lives do indeed matter, but you only get riots and destruction.

What he won’t say is anything practical to solve any of these issues. He’ll throw…

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