A Dangerous Escalation

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Poll: Majority View Biden’s Blood Red Anti-MAGA Speech as a ‘Dangerous Escalation’ Designed to ‘Incite Conflict’

(Information Liberation) A solid majority of Americans view Joe Biden’s blood red "Dark Brandon" speech labeling MAGA supporters as enemies of the state as a "dangerous escalation in rhetoric" that was "designed to incite conflict," according to a new poll.
New @trafalgar_group/@COSProject #poll shows majority (56.8%) of #Americans say #Biden speech is dangerous escalation in rhetoric, designed to incite conflict.
Dangerous rhetoric:

18.7% #Dem

89.1% #GOP

62.4% #Inds

— The Trafalgar Group (@trafalgar_group) September 6, 2022

The Trafalgar Group survey found that 56.8% of Americans said Biden’s speech was "a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans," versus just 35.5% who agreed it was "acceptable campaign messaging that is expected in an election year."
Among Democrats, 70.8% said the speech was acceptable and only 18.7% said it was dangerous. Among Republicans, 89% said it was dangerous and only 4.7% said it was acceptable. Among those who classified themselves as "no party/other," 62.4% said it was dangerous versus 31.2% who said it was acceptable.
This is likely why Biden spent the last few days somewhat walking back his vicious incitement…Read the rest

Networks say no to joe. Show Reruns Instead!

(joe can’t even get a captive audience. Why give up all that ad revenue from the "fake housewives of something or other?" – DD)
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After biden Tries to Commandeer TV for Political Speech – All Major Networks Strike Back, Run Other Shows

(Patriot Journal) Critics have panned Joe Biden’s speech, calling it divisive and ominous. Photos from the speech depict Biden as a “Satanic Ghoul” as he called Trump supporters “extremists.”
But his dark message might not have had the effect he wanted. Because, while Biden was ranting, major networks aired reruns.
Several major broadcast networks ran reruns instead of carrying President Joe Biden’s Thursday evening speech in which he characterized “MAGA Republicans” as a threat to democracy…
ABC, CBS and NBC chose other shows over the speech and Fox ran “Tucker Carlson Tonight” while MSNBC and CNN ran the Biden speech, according to Deadline.
Well, isn’t this interesting? While Joe Biden was shouting attacks while calling for unity, most Americans didn’t even watch it.
It appears only MSNBC and CNN ran the speech. Major networks ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News did not.
In fact, some of these networks aired old episodes of TV sitcoms or dramas…Read the rest

joe’s Declaration of War was BAIT to give government-supremacists crisis they want

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Will Biden’s Speech Spark a Civil War or a Revolution?

(NOQ Report) During a televised, prime-time speech Thursday night, Joe Biden declared war on “MAGA Republicans.” He didn’t use the word “war,” but his rhetoric was the most divisive we have ever heard from a U.S. President. He didn’t go after his political opponents as his predecessors often did. Instead, he went after the people who support his biggest political opponent and by doing so declared a de facto civil war.
That’s not hyperbole. Responses from both the left and right have been as one would expect from such a speech. The left, hungry for some semblance of a rallying cry or perceived victory after over a year-and-a-half of massive political failures, viewed this speech as the rallying cry to go after America First patriots. The right, which received the full force of direct insults from our supposed Commander-in-Chief, has been reloaded with righteous indignation. We were attacked and we’re preparing for the attacks to get worse now.
This could be the beginning of the end for the United States of America. That is not hyperbole, either. The globalist elites clearly instructed the White House to unleash dispensable Joe Biden, putting words on a teleprompter that could spark the implosion they desperately want. His handlers were instructed to juice him up, make him sound angry, and give him enough stimulants to keep his energy high throughout.
Their purpose is to begin the controlled demolition of this nation. They are trying…Read the rest