Lawsuit: White, Asian Men Need Not Apply at Texas A&M

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‘Poison of Bigotry’: Lawsuit Claims Texas A&M Discriminates Against White, Asian Men

(Daily Signal) A lawsuit filed Saturday alleges that Texas A&M University’s hiring practices discriminate against white and Asian men applying for faculty positions.
Richard Lowery, an associate professor of finance at the University of Texas at Austin, filed a complaint in federal court in Houston, saying the policies at Texas A&M prevented him from being hired at the university. Lowery alleges that the university uses “racial preferences” to determine its hires for faculty positions, favoring “underrepresented minorities” over white and Asian men.
“These discriminatory, illegal and anti-meritocratic practices have been egged on by woke ideologues who populate the so-called diversity, equity and inclusion offices at public and private universities throughout the United States,” the lawsuit stated.
Texas A&M, which receives federal funding, allegedly designates funds specifically for salaries of “underrepresented minority groups,” the lawsuit stated. Faculty positions within the school also allegedly have been deemed only for those part of “underrepresented minority groups.”…Read the rest