Audie Murphy – Today In Southern History

26 January 1945 

On this date in 1945… 

While covering the men of his company near Holtzwihr, France, Texan 2nd Lt. Audie Murphy killed more than 240 German soldiers and destroyed 6 tanks. For this and other courageous actions, Murphy became the most decorated American soldier of WWII.

Other Years:

  • 1716 – A Creek and Yamassee delegation arrived at the neutral Cherokee village of Tugaloo in northeastern Georgia. Rather than talking peace, the delegation urges the Cherokee to help attack South Carolina settlements. The Cherokee killed the representatives.
  • 1838 – Tennessee enacted the first prohibition law in the United States
  • 1861 – Georgia state troops seized Oglethorpe Barracks and Fort Jackson.
  • 1861 – Louisiana seceded from the union.
  • 1861 – The “Arkansaw” comedian Harry McCarthy began writing The Bonnie Blue Flag after witnesing the unfurling of the new Mississippi Republic flag in Jackson.
  • 1875 – As many as 40 Mexican and Indian cattle rustlers attacked a squad from troop G, ninth cavalry outside Ringgold Barracks, Texas killing two troopers. Several suspects were captured and 9 Mexicans were found guilty of murder.
  • 1983 – Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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