Carmack’s Pledge to the South – Today In Southern History

22 April 1898  

On this date in 1898…

Tennessee Representative Edward Ward Carmack issued his famous Pledge to the South in a speech on the floor of congress, stating in part, “To that land every drop of my blood, every fiber of my being, every pulsation of my heart, is consecrated forever.” 

Other Years:

  • 1836 – Texas troops caught Mexican president and General Antonio López de Santa Anna masquerading as a common soldier to escape capture near San Jacinto.
  • 1839 – General Alexander Macomb, the new military commander in Florida, met in council with the Seminole agreeing that the Seminole could remain in Florida if they stayed peacefully near Lake Okeechobee.
  • 1861 – North Carolina state troops seized the federal arsenal at Fayetteville.
  • 1862 – Confederate raiders captured anchored federal vessels in Aransas Bay, Texas.
  • 1889 – An estimated 50,000 people lined up to stake claims for their share of the two million acres of seized Indian lands in the first Oklahoma Land Run. Some who cheated and entered the land early were called “Sooners.”
  • 1998 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida.

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