Federals Bombard Charleston – Today In Southern History

6 September 1864 

Charleston, SC in ruins

On this date in 1864 Federal troops bombarded civilians in Charleston… 

Charleston, South Carolina suffered heavy bombardment.  Federals fired more than 600 rounds against the Confederate defenders at Fort Sumter and countless incendiary bombs into the city. Large civilian areas of the city were reduced to ashes.

Other Years:

  • 1622 – A large Spanish silver fleet disappeared off Florida Keys; claiming thousands of lives.
  • 1861 – Federal troops under General Ulysses S. Grant occupied Paducah, Kentucky.
  • 1863 – Confederate forces evacuated Battery Wagner and Morris Island, South Carolina.
  • 1864 – Federal General W.T. Sherman ordered the evacuation of all citizens from Atlanta, Georgia. 
  • 1916 – The first Piggly Wiggly self-service grocery store was opened in Memphis, Tennessee, by Clarence Saunders.
  • 1966 – Race riots broke out in Atlanta, Georgia

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