Morgan’s Raid – Today In Southern History

22 December 1862 

On this date in 1862…

General John Hunt Morgan’s Confederate cavalry crossed the Cumberland River to raid federal installations in occupied Kentucky.


Other Years:

  • 1769 – A Shawnee war party captured Daniel Boone.
  • 1775 – A force of 1,500 Patriot rangers and militia captured a Loyalist force in Great Canebrake, South Carolina.
  • 1830 – The State of Georgia prohibited whites from being on Cherokee land without a permit.
  • 1961 – SP4 James Davis of Livingston, Tennessee became the first U.S. soldier to die in Vietnam, while serving as a military adviser.
  • 1991 – The body of Lt. Col. William R. Higgins, an American hostage from Danville, Kentucky murdered by his captors, was found along a highway in Lebanon. 

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