Stand Watie – Today In Southern History

9 September 1871 

Brigadier General Stand Watie C.S.A.

On this date in 1871…

In 1871, Standhope Uwatie, better known as Cherokee Confederate General and Principal Chief Stand Watie died at the age of 64 at Honey Creek in Delaware County, Indian Territory. (now Oklahoma)

Other Years:

  • 1776 – The second Continental Congress officially made the term “United States”, replacing the previous term “United Colonies.”
  • 1850 – The territories of New Mexico & Utah were created.
  • 1963 – Alabama Gov George Wallace served a federal injunction to stop state police from barring black students’ enrollment in white schools.
  • 1984 – Mississippian Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears broke Jim Brown’s combined yardage record when he reached 15,517 yards.
  • 1986 – Ted Turner presented the first of his colorized films on WTBS in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 1996 – The father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe died from the effects of a stroke at the age of 84.

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