The New Deal – Today In Southern History

16 June 1933  

On this date in 1933…

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt began his New Deal recovery program, signing bank, rail, and industry bills and initiating farm aid. The New Deal was especially popular in the rural South since there had been much suffering and very little recovery among the common people since the Great Depression began.

Other Years:

  • 1774 – Harrodsburg, Kentucky was founded. 
  • 1862 – The Battle of Secessionville, South Carolina.
  • 1922 – Henry Berliner accomplished the first helicopter flight at College Park, Maryland
  • 2004 – The 9/11 Commission determined that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had no strong links to al-Qaeda, contradicting White House allegations that helped launch the second American invasion of Iraq and led to the dictator’s execution.

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