The Star of the West – Today In Southern History

9 January 1861 

On this date in 1861…

The US ship Star of the West committed an act of war by trying to reinforce Fort Sumter and was repulsed by batteries manned by South Carolina state troops and cadets from the Citadel.

Other Years:

  • 1843 – Chief Pasofa’s Apalachicola Creeks who had joined the Seminoles to escape the Creek War surrendered and ended the Second Seminole War,
  • 1858 – Anson Jones, the last President of the Republic of Texas, commited suicide.
  • 1861 – Mississippi seceded from the Union and adopted a large blue flag with a single white star, also known as the Bonnie Blue Flag.  
  • 1861 – North Carolina citizens seized Fort Johnston in Smithville.
  • 1863 – Federals attacked Ft. Hindman at the Battle of Arkansas Post, Arkansas.
  • 1904 – Confederate General John B. Gordon died in Miami, Florida.
  • 1929 – The Seeing Eye was incorporated in Nashville, Tennessee to train guide dogs for the blind.
  • 2002 – The U.S. Justice Department announced that it was pursuing a criminal investigation of Texas-based Enron Corp. 

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