The Treasure Coast – Today In Southern History

31 July 1715  

On this date in 1715…

A hurricane sank the Spanish treasure fleet in the Florida Straitsoff Vero Beach, Florida. The loss of the fleet set off a financial crisis in Europe similar to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The large amounts of Spanish gold, silver, and jewels found along the Florida beach over the years from Sebastian Inlet to Port St. Lucie from this and other wrecks gives the area the name, the “Treasure Coast.”

Other Years:
  • 1864 – The Battle of Sunshine Church near Round Oak, Georgia. 
  • 1966 – Alabama protesters burned Beatle products due to John Lennon’s “Jesus” remark.
  • 1969 – Elvis Presley performed a live concert for the first time since 1961 at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It would be the first of his many performances delivered in Vegas.

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