Gov’t Supremacists claim Calexit funded by Moscow

California secession movement was funded and directed by Russian intelligence agents, US government alleges

(Russia! Russia! Russia! again. The Imperial Elite never take responsibilty for their own results. – DD)

From Yahoo News:

  • Russia “exercised direction or control” over the California secession movement, per a federal indictment.
  • A Russian national with ties to the FSB is accused of providing funds and advise to the group.
  • The group’s founder has not been charged with a crime and denies wrongdoing.

At a 2018 rally in Sacramento, hundreds of Californians called for a national divorce, citing “irreparable and irreconcilable differences.”

“Ultimately, the best people to govern California are us Californians,” Louis Marinelli, founder of the secessionist group Yes California,…

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