10 Signs That U.S. Culture Is Being Turned Completely Upside Down

(Welcome to Amerika in the 21st Century. It’s the total realization of ‘Clown World!’ – DD)

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(America 1st Report) – They wanted to fundamentally transform America, and they have succeeded. So now instead of a “Leave It To Beaver” society, we have a society where literally anything goes. Our families are disintegrating, traditional moral values have been completely discarded, our young people are running wild in the streets, crime is totally out of control, and our system of government is melting down right in front of our eyes. So what is going to happen to our once great nation if things just continue to get even worse?

Our politicians like to tell us that “America is great because America is good”.

But the truth is that America stopped being good a long time ago. The following are 10 signs that U.S. culture is being turned completely upside down…

#1 – It has finally happened. The elite have such disdain for the choices of average Americans that some of them are starting to float the idea that elections should be eliminated. The following comes from an article that the New York Times published just last week that was…

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