A @%!@ Bridge Too Far! Now They’re Genetically Modifying Beer!

(Great! The same kinda clowns that thought it was fine to modify a cold virus are creating Franken-beer… _DD)

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(The National Pulse) – Charles Denby, the co-founder and CEO of Berkeley Yeast, and his team are modifying yeast strains to “optimize” the taste of beer. Through genetic modification, Berkeley Yeast says it can enhance or diminish desirable and undesirable flavors as well as introduce new ones. One of its products, the Tropics yeast, has been engineered to provide the taste of passion fruit and guava.

The California-based firm also claims to be using gene-editing to eliminate unfavorable byproducts such as diacetyl, a substance that imparts a buttery taste to hoppy beers. The research has also enabled it to reduce the fermentation time required to create Belgian-style sour beer. The use of these GM yeast strains is becoming commonplace in the United States, where regulation of GM foods is relatively lenient.

Many consumers rightly remain wary of genetically modified ingredients. In countries where the acceptance of…

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