A National Embarrassment: Probing the Shameful Afghan Skedaddle

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TIME’S UP, JOE! House GOP Launches Probe Into Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

(SeanHannity.Com) With the GOP in control of the House, we may finally get some answers on what happened in Afghanistan.
According to an Axios report, House Republicans are officially launching an investigation into Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal that left 13 Americans and roughly 200 Afghans dead.
Ranking member and soon-to-be chair of the House Oversight Committee Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is requesting documentation and declassification of materials from several agencies involved.
From Axios:

It’s the start of an investigation into an evacuation of unprecedented scale that saw more than 120,000 people airlifted out of the country after the Taliban swept into Kabul.

This investigation is likely…

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