Another Skeedaddle! Resident biden Flees Sudan. Leaves Americans Behind, Again!

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(Frontpage Mag) In Afghanistan, the British and French took the lead in getting their people out while Biden’s generals yelled at them to stop rescuing their people because it made them look bad.

An American convoy came under fire in Sudan.

France and Italy are evacuating their citizens. The Democrat surrender monkeys in D.C. have a familiar message. “Sorry you guys, you’re on your own. What do you think we’re a great power or something?”

As the violent struggle for power over Sudan reaches the one-week mark, the Biden administration is sticking firmly to its warning for private citizens: don’t expect to be rescued.

While the administration says it is working towards evacuating American embassy staff still stranded in the country, it makes no promises about other Americans who could get let behind.

“It is not our standard procedure to evacuate American citizens living abroad,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Friday.

Unless they’re woke lesbian basketball players who hate America. In that case no expenses will be spared and no compromises of national security will be too great.

Everyone else can go to hell or Sudan which is much the same thing…

Biden Flees Sudan, Leaves Americans Behind Again | Frontpage Mag