Can you feel it? Ten signs that things in America have reached a BREAKING POINT

(Standing on a bandanna peel while teetering on the edge… This is what the prelude to SHTF looks Like! – DD)

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(Mike Adams, Natural News) – If you’re listening to what the American people are saying right now — across the political spectrum — people are reaching a breaking point and are fed up with life under the Biden regime. From being unable to afford groceries or gas, to watching powerful corporations promote pedophilia and child mutilations, events that were once unimaginable are becoming commonplace… and the “officials” in power seem more disconnected from the plight of everyday people than ever before.

You can see it in the “crazy plane lady” video (TMFINR), in the “flash mob” shoplifting footage caught on camera, in the suicide numbers and mental illness episodes that increasingly flicker across our screens. From the mom who thinks her son identifies as a cat (and therefore should be medically seen by a veterinarian) to the outrageous indictment of Donald J. Trump for the “felony crime” of tweeting, it’s clear to anyone paying attention that America is suffering a psychic breakdown that’s unprecedented in the…

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