Either ‘the Deep State destroys America, or we destroy the Deep State’

(Somehow, somewhere while we were all asleep, we lost America. George Orwell isn’t seeming as nutty and reactionary as he was when we we’re reading Animal Farm back in high school. The pigs are in power, the windmill is down, and all animals are equal but some more are more equal than others. – DD)

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TRUMP: Either ‘the Deep State destroys America, or we destroy the Deep State’

“They knew the truth, yet they put our country through hell.”

(Post Millennial) – n a new scathing op-ed, former President Trump detailed many of the insanities coming from his political opponents as they pushed the completely unproven idea of Trump-Russia collusion. He made the case that despite all the grief he and many close to him have been subjected to as a result of the Russiagate Hoax, the true victims of the madness are the American people.

After kicking off with a brief introduction establishing the piece’s premise, the former president took us back to his run for office in 2016, discussing campaign promises including his vows to end mass illegal immigration, globalist trade deals, the sellout of the US to Communist China, and to “stand up to the permanent bureaucracy and the corporate media.”…

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